1 Million 'Spacehackers' Programme.

We're on a mission to launch 1 million space entrepreneurs and help shape a sustainable space industry where everyone, no matter your background or ability, has a fair future.

What if... the jobs of the future haven't been invented yet?

Many jobs in demand today didn’t exist 5 years ago and World Economic Forum (WEF) found that 50% of all employees will have outdated skills by 2025. We want everyone, whatever your background or ability, to have a future. Like the Internet 20 years ago, Space 4.0 is creating new opportunities for non-technical and non-mechanical jobs. If someone is going to invent the jobs of the future, why can’t it be you?

Many of today’s jobs created for the tech industry don’t require technology or engineering skills.

You don’t have to be a rocket-riding, billionaire, tech unicorn to have a meaningful future in the space industry. Space 4.0 is a new era in our long relationship with space. This is the time to encourage and enable creative thinking to identify the potential jobs of the future and provide support to individuals and organisations to explore their own potential in this emerging industry.

Inspire generations.

‘Spacehackers’ are the next generation of space entrepreneurs. The industry needs people like you to help the industry grow and create the jobs of the future. From law & ethics, to social impact, and all the non-STEM jobs in-between, the industry is looking for fresh ideas. Join 1 million space entrepreneurs and become one of the new leaders of the global space industry.

Ask about 2022 start dates

What is a 'Spacehacker'?

Spacehacker‘ is a play on the term ‘growth hacker’. It was created by International Space City to describe someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to accelerate the commercialisation of the space industry. The term is now widely associated with the new generation of space entrepreneurs.

01 | Why Space? Why Now? Why Me?

Meet your fellow Spacehackers and get an introduction to space and the programme.

02 | Leadership and Attitude

Find your individual leadership style, become comfortable with risk, and use the Hogan method to gain strategic self-awareness.

03 | Business Model Innovation

Avoid the technology trap - how to use disruptive thinking to create, capture and deliver value.

04 | Opportunities in Space

Gain an understanding of the opportunities you can create in an emerging industry.

05 | Responsible Business for Growth

Understand the enduring value of responsible business practices and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

06 | Pitch Perfect

Bring it all together to create a feasible business plan and deliver the perfect pitch to attract potential investors and/or customers.

Capstone Project (optional)

As a group or individual create and pitch a space-related business solution that tackles a real-world problem.