Inspire Generations

We believe that everyone has to the right to equal access to the benefits of space. We give future generations a voice and space pioneers a virtual home to help shape the future of space. Join us on our mission to launch 1 million space entrepreneurs (Spacehackers) in space law, social impact and finance.

Welcome to the 'other' side of space.

You don’t have to be a rocket-riding, billionaire, tech unicorn to have a meaningful future in the space industry. Space 4.0 is a new era in our long relationship with space – and we need you to shape its future.

The absence of social sciences from exploration, limits the potential of humanity.

 Helen Rankin, Astrosociologist & Executive Director

Open a virtual office and put 'International Space City' on your business card!

The questions we ask today, create the jobs of the future.

Many jobs in demand today didn’t exist 5 years ago and 50% of all skills are expected to be outdated by 2025. We want everyone, whatever your background or ability, to have a future. Like the Internet 20 years ago, Space 4.0 is creating new opportunities for new jobs. Remember, many of today’s jobs created for the tech industry don’t require technology or engineering skills – the same is true for the space sector.

Space Law

Who will create regulatory space legislation to deliver the promises of the terms agreed in the Outer Space Treaty (1967)? What frameworks exist to mitigate space debris and light pollution, and to avoid the exploitation of people and space as the sector advances? How will we govern behaviour in the absence of laws? How can we use law and ethics to control the risk of weaponizing space?

Social Impact

How can we avoid damaging this planet while exploring others? Can deep space logistics build sustainable supply chains that are people and planet friendly? Are arts & culture critical to humanity and colonisation of space? What does org culture look like in a decentralised workforce and how will this shape talent attraction and retention? What can we learn about social impact and apply on Earth and throughout the universe?


What will the currency of the future be and what financial structures will it need to be reliable, fair and credible? What regulatory landscape is required? Who will invest in creating the jobs of the future? How can profits contribute to local economic development as people move off-planet?

Open a virtual office and put 'International Space City' on your business card!

Hey, I wanna be a space pioneer!

‘Spacehackers’ are the next generation of space entrepreneurs. One of the main advantages of starting a career in a new field is that there is still so much to be discovered. The industry needs people like you to help the industry grow and create the jobs of the future.

5 steps to become a space pioneer...


1. All change starts with an idea. Think about a significant, positive change you want to explore.


2. Find your tribe. Connect your ideas with people who share your passion for change.


3. Turn your idea into a biz idea. Learn how to make a successful business plan and find start-up money.


4. Take action. Consistent and deliberate progress can be made through a series of small, manageable steps.

Keep going :)

5. Work on it every day. You're not in this alone, remember to call on your tribe on the days you struggle.

Scotland is a world leader in sustainable space technology.


We’re on track to cut 50% of space industry emissions by 2030.


Scottish space industry goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2045.

Up to 90% less carbon

is produced by green rocket fuels used by Scottish companies.

The world's first carbon-neutral space port

is in progress at Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands.

50% drop in space sector emissions

will be achieved by 2030 — with a goal to reach net zero by 2045.

You inspire.We'll do the rest.

The front is an exciting place to be for people with curiosity, imagination and bold ideas. Join a growing community of space pioneers, connect your ideas and shape the future of space. Open a virtual office and put International Space City HQ on your biz card. Choose a virtual office or registered address.

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