Space Law and Basic Concepts of International Law


Quickly understand the laws, challenges and rising tensions of regulating 21st Century space exploration in a changing world. UNOOSA curriculum. 100% online.



Space law can be described as the body of law applicable to and governing space related activities. Space law, much like general international law, comprises a variety of international agreements, treaties, conventions, and United Nations General Assembly resolutions, as well as rules and regulations of international organizations. The term “space law” is most often associated with the rules, principles and standards of international law appearing in the five international treaties and five sets of principles governing outer space which have been developed under the auspices of the United Nations. In addition to these international instruments, many States have national legislation governing space-related activities.

  • Week 1: Introduction to international law
  • Week 2: The Outer Space Treaty and the fundamental principles of space law
  • Week 3: Other space treaties and General Assembly resolutions
  • Week 4: National regulations, commercialization and privatization
  • Week 5: Multilateral and bilateral agreements and intergovernmental organizations
  • Week 6: Adapting space law for 21st Century space exploration

The course will be self-paced learning and pre-recorded lectures. All participants who complete the online assessment will receive a certificate of participation from the Centre of Astrosociology.

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