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International Space City is the first virtual commercial zone dedicated to advancing the space knowledge economy. We also have a physical hub at Inverness Campus, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands.

Virtual global space hub.

The rapid increase in space agencies and investors has disrupted the space industry, creating new opportunities for smaller businesses and decentralised expansion of the emerging space industry – one city or country no longer dominates the space sector. International Space City provides a virtual commercial city dedicated to advancing the business of space while maintaining the benefits of decentralised innovation.

There is no geographical centre for the new commercial space industry.

In the space knowledge economy, the need to connect people and their ideas is as critical as shipping raw materials to mills and factories in the 1800s. Future businesses will compete for access to a healthy intellectual supply chain as they once did for coal, iron and other tangible commodities. The risk is an industry advancing faster than regulation and legislation can meet (as experienced during the digital revolution). But with risk also comes great opportunity, to create an equal, fair and accessible emerging space industry from the start.

Let's get physical.

In 2020 we found a physical home at Inverness Campus, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Scotland’s space sector is rising faster than anywhere else in the UK, aiming to grow in value to £4 billion by 2030. It has some of the highest space-related activity in Europe and home to the UK’s first spaceport.

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There’s never been a better time to register your business in the UK. Take advantage of the UK’s low corporation tax, leadership in innovation and talent from the world’s top universities.

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